Established in 1997, with 6 employees, as a sub-contract assembly company offering PCB assembly and finished product design and manufacturing for the broadband communications industry, DELTACOM quickly developed a reputation for quality and reliability.
Being active in a diverse range of markets and products the Company has grown steadily over the last several years providing the resource for DELTACOM to continue investing in the latest equipment and techniques. This and the partnership approach of the company enable to offer increasing capacity and range of services demanded by what is a technologically fast moving industry.
The partnership approach to working with customers is encouraging continued mutual growth and success. A reflection of this success is the comprehensive manufacturing and R&D at DELTACOM, preformed by the 85 employees within a modern 1500 square meters facility at present.
Our capabilities and enthusiasm are what make us different! The total commitment to delivering high quality products on time ensures that these services are reliable and consistent.
  • Designing and implementing complete hardware and software solutions.
  • Prototype to high volume PCB assembly, system assembly and box build.
  • Surface mount technology PCB assembly.
  • Through hole and mixed technology PCB assembly.
  • Mechanical or box assembly.
  • 100% testing policy in production.
  • Complete system assembly and test.
  • Global purchasing for low material prices and consistent supply
  • Constantly improving quality management.
A partnership oriented electronic design & manufacturing to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

While we continue to invest in automation, it is sometimes easy to overlook the most important resource of all - people. At DELTACOM, our workforce is our greatest asset.
We invest in our people, with on-going training and opportunities to develop true careers. In a fast changing industry it is important to mantain high levels of expertise and we continually review our infrastructure to ensure we offer the very best in support of our processes.
  • Skilled and enthusiastic workforce.
  • Well-educated engineering force.
  • Continuous programme of training.
DELTACOM is investing in People.
Working in a close partnership with customers is a key to success in our business.
As a customer, the trust you place in our ability to meet your requirements is essential to the success of the Partnership.
We recognise that you may have a unique approach to the way you work and it is therefore important that we develop an understanding of how our services can be tailored to suit your particular needs.
The foundation of a successful working relationship is good communication, and we encourage this by regular meetings between key personnel involved in all projects and the open exchange of information.
  • Active project management.
  • Regular briefings and open dialogue.
  • Integrated communications.

Underpinning every aspect of our system is a total commitment to quality. From the products we assemble to the technical administration necessary to support our activities, quality is the key ingredient.
The very nature of our business demands that tight engineering control is exercised at every stage of the process. This ensures that your expectations regarding the finished product are fully understood.
  • Investing in People.
  • 100% testing policy in production.
  • Internal quality management system from day of start.
  • ISO9001:2000 - up-coming certification.
Cost effective design
At DELTACOM, we believe that the earlier you involve us in a project the greater will be to the benefits to your product and your company.
Working together, with our manufacturing design rules, we can provide a proven and effective route to significantly reduced costs and quicker time to market.

Material procurement
Experienced purchasing enables us to achieve reliable material at the lowest costs while ensuring feedback to the customer on component selection.

New technology
By continually investing in new capital equipment, processes and people, we ensure that we will already have the experience to provide you with the right service at the right cost.

Take advantage in joining the list of customers who confidently rely on DELTACOM as their R&D and manufacturing partner.